Colony management software

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These are the software systems I have found. I have first hand experience with #1, 2, 6 and 8. I will continue to review available systems. Your input is welcome.








1. Mausoleum comprehensive server client system with focus on breeding management

2. Science Linker extensive system on lab data management

3. Jax Colony Management System free system, no longer developed

4. Tick@lab

5. Mosaic vivarium

6. Labtracks server-client system with customizable interface

7. discontinued

8. Anibio server-client system with optional web interface

9. Pyrat

10. AFP Transgen - is a module on Filemaker Pro

11. Facility

12. eSirius3G

13. Core LIMS animal facility management

14. discontinued

15. ezColony

16. Animal Breeding (Scion)

17. LARS

18. Genotrack


20. discontinued

21. MouseHouseApp

22. Mouse Colony

23. SoftMouse

24. mLims

25. BBmouse (being refurbished)

26. E-mouse Lab

27. Rodent module

28. Climb

29. ICM

30. MouseJ

31. ACIS

32. BSRI-Tap

33. Pristima

34. AMS

35. GeneOZ VMS

36. RPM

37. Animal Bioware

38. enos



Our expertise

*Plan breeding for one off deliveries or repeating experiments

*Optimize complex breeding schemes

*Trouble shoot problem breedings

*Speed congenic breeding

*Set up breeding schemes

*Implement colony management software


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