Colony management

Order among the animals

kGen offers expert advice with regards to research animal breeding, genetics and genetic analysis. We also provide colony management through the customer's own IT-system.



  Colony management software

Software suitable for control of your colony simplifies your work, makes your day more efficient and saves money.

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Breeding plans

Do you need 10 homozygous females weekly or do you need four groups of animals of the same age at a particular date? We can establish a breeding plan for you.

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  Genetic screening

Establishing several allele combinations in one reaction increases efficiency and lowers the risk of registering the wrong data.

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  Trouble shooting

Even in the best of times, breeding may not perform to expectations, genetic screening show unexpected haplotypes or an infection in the colony put a stop on current activities.

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  SOP implementation

Standard operating procedures (SOP) make daily chores more predicatable and easier to plan.  We can help you implement new SOPs or take a critical look at the current ones.

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  Genetic modifications

With the advent of CRISPR/Cas9 technology genetic modifications can be achieved quicker. Still, pronuclear injections and homologous recombination are valuable techniques worth looking into for your project.

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