About us

kGen was founded and is run by Mikael Vestberg. Mikael has a solid background having worked with laboratory animals for many years in a wide array of settings.

Mikael got his basic training at Lund University earning a Master in Chemical Biology. He then went on to learn transgenic technology at The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla. After five years in California he went back to Sweden and was awarded a Ph.D. in Medical Inflammation Research. Since then he has held positions in Lund, London and Oslo before starting kGen in 2012.

Mikael is always keen on discussing your ideas and will help steer your project in the best direction.

kGen is focused on improving efficiency in laboratory rodent vivariums. Based on the principle of 3R, kGen will suggest ways to improve working conditions for the staff, ROI for the institute and value for money for the investigators. kGen will suggest and help implement IT solutions. kGen will  plan breeding and trouble shoot breeding problems. kGen can assist in revising or writing SOPs for established and new procedures. kGen can evaluate genotyping strategies. Finally, all pieces of the puzzle should come together as a finished picture. kGen will help in any way needed.